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Developing History

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In January, S2821 and S2621 received design patent certificate.

In February, S1255, 2611,2911 awarded the design patent certificate

In March, S1711 and S2841 through INTEL test.

In July, S41310 successfully developed.

In September, iok wentang new production base was built and officially put into production.

In October, iok Power Division was established.

In October, S1421 tested by Intel.

In December, iok Collective website


In January, 1U chassis dual system successfully developed.

In February, iok Hong Kong company.

In March, iok Ushiyama production base for industrial park was completed and formally put into production.

In April, S1260 successfully developed.

In May, S1711 R & D success. (7 2.5-inch hard disk)

In June, S2931 successfully developed.

In July, S2711 successfully developed.

In August, S2930 successfully developed.

In September, S2720 successfully developed.

In October, S2841 successfully developed.

In November, S4810 successfully developed.


In January, S1230 "managed Princess" grand public.

In February, S1221 innovative version of a grand public.

In March, "i Department of short-box" S1250 listing.

In April, iok products to enter the Vietnamese market, iok products to enter the Hong Kong market.

In May, S1411 successfully developed, iok products to enter the Chilean market.

In June, S2921 high-end models available.

In July, S3161 models listed, iok products to enter the Singapore market.

In August, the Northeast Office was set up, iok Paraguay accept OEM orders for customers.

In September, S1255 models listed.

In October, S2621 models listed.

In November, S2920 chassis listing.

In December, S2821 models listed.


In January,the marketing headquarters moved to Dongguan's most luxurious office-Huakai Plaza,17th floor,Block B.

In February, 3G products division was established.

In March, dual-core CPU chassis S1550 into production.

In April, S2220 "southern XIA Xue," ultra-short 2U chassis production.

In April, Taobao iok goods shops opened.

In May, iok Series server, a comprehensive listing of specific power.

In May, iok listed on the first navigator.

In June, iok English website was formally inaugurated.

In June, iok full line of products to enter the Thai market.

In June, East office from Hangzhou to Shanghai.

In July, "ice pole" line of servers dedicated radiator formal listing.

In July, S1360A, S2620B a comprehensive listing of models.

In July to set up offices in West China.

In August, ultra-short mini-firewall chassis S1110 grand public.

On the establishment of offices in South China.


In January,"hosted the Prince" S1280 formal listing of the industry caused a sensation.

In February, launched the "magic" S5811 Multi SERVERS / PC chassis.

In March, can be equipped with PS2 power supply 2US2620 rack server chassis grand public.

In June, S2911 (2U / 9 Pan-bit, with SCSI, SATA hot swap function) chassis formal market.

In July to set up offices in eastern China.

In August, R41011 (4U/10 disk bit, with SCSI hot-swap function) chassis market.

In September, S2210 enter the Korean market.

In October, S1360 in the domestic market.

In December, S1410 passed the test, Zhengshishangxian production.


1, the establishment and promotion of its own brand "iok"

2, the establishment of offices in North and South offices.

3, S2611,S1230,S1350,S1340,S1330,S1320 listed one after another,creating a new chassis for 60days listed on the new record.

4, standard products officially entered the Korean market.


1, began to Shenyang "English school" server provides standard products.

2, began to Fujian "Shida," server to provide standard products.

3, began to Guangzhou "five boat" server to provide standard products.

4, the first batch of ODM products (1U / 4 Ge hot-swappable-bit rack-mount chassis) exported to the U.S..


1, began to Beijing "Tsinghua Tong Fang," server to provide standard products.

2, began to Beijing "across the sea to Yang Bo" server provides standard products.

3, began to Shenzhen "Great Wall" server to provide standard products.

4, the first OEM products (2U / 8 Ge hot-swappable-bit rack-mount chassis) out to Canada.


1, began to Shenzhen, "Pao-teh," server to provide standard products and ODM products.

2, began to provide standard product and Wuhan Tontrush ODM products.

3, began to Shanghai "easy to get" server to provide standard products.


1, the establishment of Stone Xingguo Technology Co., Ltd., solely on the chassis R & D and market planning.

2, officially put into development of 1U, 2U rack-mount server chassis get support from Lenovo. Became the first  professional development of domestic enterprises rack server chassis.

3, the domestic first batch of hot-swappable SCSI rack-mounted servers can be formally listed on chassis and exported to Taiwan